We operate a fleet of 45 vehicles, which range from service to private hire/tour vehicles, all maintained to the highest standards. Each vehicle is inspected on a 4 weekly basis, which is more frequent than the six weeks required/advised by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, V.O.S.A. Our high maintenance standards ensure that we achieve the required levels of passenger safety and comfort.

All service vehicles are fitted with seat belts for passenger/child safety, so that they can be utilised for all types of work. Our Disabled Access Vehicles fitted with wheelchair lifts are maintained by a specialist, Passenger Lift Services Limited. -

Our vehicles are serviced every six months, all maintenance from part to full services are carried out in house. This includes, electrical faults through to major engine overhauls. All work is carried out by our highly skilled staff, which includes the fleet Manager with more than 15 year’s experience, and a body repair technician with over 20 year’s experience.