What are you're emergency contacts?

Call the office phone out of hours press option 2. and and this will divert you to a director on call.

Are your drivers CRB checked?

Yes, all our drivers are checked.

What route will the driver take & do they use sat nav?

Drivers plan their own routes with assistance from office staff, the majority of our drivers use sat nav, which are fitted to our vehicles, but they also carry maps for guidance.

Lost Property - if lost property has been found how do I get it back?


This policy outlines how we handle items of lost property that are found onboard our vehicles.

The lost property regulations 1978 and the lost property (amendment) regulations 1995 state that property found on a PSV vehicle or on company premises is covered under the theft act of 1968 and is protected under this act to prevent theft by finding.   In other words, the finder must make all attempts to find the rightful owner of the property before he/she can take ownership.

Handing in lost property

Lost property is normally returned to the Sharpes of Nottingham Head Office at the end of the driver(s) shift. The property is then tagged, and logged by a member of the Office Staff.

Items of lost property are retained on company premises for a period of one calendar month.  After this period, unclaimed items will either be disposed of or donated to a local charity shop.

Perishable goods

Unfortunately, in the interests of health and safety the company is unable to store any perishable goods and these items include but are not limited to food (regardless of sell by date), flowers, spices and liquids.  This also applies to items that smell, are soiled, are dangerous or are illegal.

Enquiring about lost property

If you think you may have left an item of property aboard one of our vehicles.  Call our head office on 0115 989 4466 (during office opening hours), or alternatively contact us on email at enquiries@sharpesofnottingham.com.

When enquiring about lost property, You will need to give us a concise description of the item you’ve lost.

There is no guarantee that your item has been found, but we will do our best to assist you.

Claiming lost property

Any items of lost property are to be collected in person from our head office.  Alternatively, for a fee we can arrange postage or a courier service(s). Any costs associated, will be paid in full in advance of property being returned. We take no responsibility for items sent back to passengers using this method.

Items of property cannot be placed on vehicles and sent to locations across our private or commercial routes.

When collecting an item of lost property, you’ll need to bring relevant ID with you to prove the item is yours, and a minimum of £2.00 donation to a local charity.

When do I have to pay for my private hire?

(2 weeks before) payment methods Cheque, C/Card Cash, Bank Transfer.

How do I get a quote and what else can you do?

Over the phone or via email, we can also do ferries, hotels and tickets to attractions / theatre.

How do I make a booking?

 Over the phone then we will email / post confirmations.

Where are your terms and conditons?

CLICK HERE to download the pdf, this also includes cancellation periods / refunds.