January 2013

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Trading Charter


Sharpe & Sons (Nottingham) Limited - OUR TRADING CHARTER WITH YOU. This Charter applies to all holidays 
and excursions contained within this brochure and any subsequent leaflets issued during 2011/2012. 

Criminal Record Checks

At Sharpes of Nottingham we have all Staff full or part-time CRB (Criminal Record Background) Checked.

What Does This Mean...
It means that all our staff have completed a CRB check - otherwise known as a disclosure - this is a report into their background that any employer or employee can request if they are advertising or applying for a position working with children, the elderly or the vulnerable.

51 Seat 1973 AEC Plaxton Panorama Elite III

Fleet Model: 
1973 AEC Plaxton Panorama Elite III 51 Seas

51 Seater 1973 AEC Plaxton Panorama Elite III

The coach, a 1973 AEC 760 Plaxton Panarama Elite III was new to C G Littlewoods of Sheffield. This coach in later life was owned and operated by Lamcote Coaches, a company that the Sharpe's family had links with for many years. The previous owner Fowlers of Holbeach, had owned it for over 20years, of which the last 8years have been spent in storage. During 2012, Sharpe of Nottingham commissioned a full Restoration of both the interior and Exterior, returning it is former glory from the 1970’s.